Pandemic Legacy – January

Warning: possible spoilers.

I had originally purchased Pandemic Legacy shortly after it became available at our FLGS in November for Gareths Christmas present. And now it seemed only fitting to begin our Legacy in the new year with our friends (and owners of our FLGS). 

I was skeptical of the hype. I’d read about. Heard about it. Been told about it. C’mon its just pandemic . . . Right


But also wrong.

We had an absolute blast playing Pandemic Legacy tonight, despite the fact that we had the WORST luck that caused Africa descending into chaos in just mere minutes after (nearly) back to back epidemic draws during our first play through. 

With recurring outbreaks in this region we quickly burned through the outbreak track and lost our first playthrough.  

After reseting the board as instructed we entered into the second half of January. I should mention that reseting for the 2nd play required that we tear up a card. 

After our abysmal first attempt I couldnt see how this game could redeem itself in my eyes. We had to place permanent stickers all over Africa, foreving altering the game for future plays. We had to tear up an objective, and we had triggered so many outbreaks that a persistent drawback was added to all future plays. 

How could a game be so brutual we thought. This was suppose to be the tutorial! It was just bad luck we said reassuringly to each other, only half believing it to be true. 

We apologized to the great nation of Africa, swore to never repeat a tragedy of that magnitude again, and began the second part of January. 

Luck was finally on our side. It was magical! We drew what we needed before we even knew we would need it. We were where we needed to be before we needed to be there. We had this game locked down. Not only did we win, we won without triggering single outbreak!


I can not wait for this to hit the table again! 


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